Of the Dutch trumpeters who have created furore the past decade Eric Vloeimans is musically one of the most eloquent. He has firmly established himself as an international musician and performs in various formations where most settings are of great demand. Just as a good orator, he continuously holds the attention of the listener. His musical argument is clear, varied, visual, sensitive, sometimes humurous and always well structured. The press calls Vloeimans a trumpet player who always puts emotion above technical virtuosity. With playful ease he changes from a quiet sonoroous tone to a skillful powerful play, however never losing sight of the structure of his performance and the emotion in the music.

As a teacher and musician he has achieved a level of reputation where he is able to share the stage with "big" names and wasn't the sideman anymore. Parallel to this development, Eric Vloeimans has developed himself as a composer. Eric's need to not tie himself down dogmatically to a certain style is also self-evident in his writing. Fresh and original but with a great feeling and respect for the tradition, and maybe the most important thing, a great portion of self-knowledge and through that never aimed too high. At the moment, Eric finds himself in a turbulent period. He recorded in September 1998 the album "Bitches and Fairy Tales" in New York for Challenge Records in co-operation with De Wereldomroep with an All Star cast; John Taylor, Marc Johnson and Joey Baron. The album is distinguished with an Edison Award at the North Sea Jazzfestival 1999. The "Transatlantic Quartet" tour in March and April 2000 is a continuation of "Bitches and Fairy Tales". Once More an international cast with John Taylor on the piano, Furio di Castri on the bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums. Eric Vloeimans specially wrote for this cast a new repertoire which is recorded for the new CD "Umai". From the NPS he got this fall a composition assignment for the Groningen Marathon with Lars Danielsson on the bass and Markku Ounaskari on drums and percussion.


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