American trumpeter Tim Hagans is in towering form as the featured guest with (...) the Woodstore Quintet (...) Massimo Carboni's soft, round tenor blends beautifully with Hagans in ensemble, and his adept use of space offers a contrast to the trumpeter as a soloist. Mariano Tedde, a capable pianist, wrote almost all the material and, with Paolo Spanu (bass) and Gianni Filindeu (drums), forms a sympathetic rhythm section (...) just a fine, tight, well-focused band, and Hagans and Carboni players who would grace any ensemble.
The Irish Times  (Ireland) - R.Comiskey - 6/2006

...Woodstore Quintet dispense un charme certain, naviguant dans un univers inspiré d'une qualité d'une belle amplitude. A la fois étonnant, très bien fait, et constamment renouvelé.
Jazz Notes  (France) - "41st parallel" review - 3/2006

“...bright arrangements and engaging solos (...) 41st Parallel it's a highly enjoyable album with a nod to yesteryear and a few innovations.”
The Independent (London, Uk) - “Album of the Week”  - R.Trapp -  1/2006 [ link ]

“...41st Parallel is a sound piece of work and a cleaver way of integrating the past.”
Musica Jazz - 1/2006 - G.Piacentino

“... the last word, in the beautiful San Gemini square, was down to the original work of Woodstore Quintet, sided by the excellent trumpet of Eric Vloiemans. Faultless performance.
JazzIt - 10/2005 –  Gianpaolo Chiriacò about Terni Jazz Fest 2005

“…a new release and an international stage for Woodstore, the only italian group to record with the prestigious Nagel Heyer Records label. "41st Parallel" is enhanced by Tim Hagans and Maria Pia De Vito and express a cosmopolitan taste of great impact and a fresh, innovative sound  …”
JazzIt  - Sett/Ott 2005

“…(41st Parallel) cleverly brings together modern mainstream, melody, euroepan jazz (...) the tracks are appealing and the solos are never boring, double timings are catching (...) the synergy between players, many good ensamble moments and the quality of the soloists make its listening to a real pleasure (...) High level of interplay.”
Unione Sarda –  10/2005 - Carlo Argiolas

“... hardbop tradition in the interpretation of the strong musicians’s personalities (...) complete understanding of the collective...”
Musica Jazz - Marco Camerini about "Distanza"- 5/2003

...a band well prepared, very good on developing dynamic solos and solid rythmic structures, playing in a perfect balance between soloists and rythmic section.
All About Jazz - Luca Corte Rappis about "Distanza" - 4/2003

"…What a surprise the Woodstore Quintet!  (...) excellent musicians fell in love with the jazz of sixsties. A love that the quintet reveal with interplay and beautiful solos during the entire cd...”Distanza” is above all a beautiful cd of fluent and energic music. A jazz that seems inspired by movies (“SS 129” and the elegant “Le carpe morte”) the sound of the blues (“Mabel”, “Anaconda”, “To live on one’s memories”) or the complicated structures of “Woodstore” or the nervous “Distanza”…"
Nuova Sardegna - Walter Porcedda about "Distanza" - 21/09/2002

"...The compositions and the way they play them are very respectful of tradition but always looking forward with a fresh contemporary sound (...) “Distanza”, eight tracks written by the quintet, except for Mabel written by K. Wheeler, is a cd that we heard with pleasure without stops. It makes us wonder  for intuitions, for originality and for the fresh sound (...)"
Unione Sarda - V.Montaldo about "Distanza"- Cagliari 18/09/2002

"All that beautiful compositions, played in unison by the trumpet and tenor sax, are the best characteristic of the Woodstore Quintet (...) a sense of balance is present on the whole cd revealing maturity.."
Jazzit – “Distanza” CD review, 9/2002

"…special guest of the night was the excellent sardinian Woodstore Quintet, winner on july of D section of the Barga Jazz contest 2001…"
Jazzit  - Barga nov/dic 2001

"…The Woodstore Quintet confirmed the high quality of the musical project with the appreciated concert at “Teatro dei Differenti” in Barga…"
Nuova Sardegna – Sassari 21/10/2001

"…The Woodstore Quintet won the D section of the Barga Jazz 2001 contest (…) no doubt for the jury, composed of musicians, proclaiming the winner…"
Il Tirreno – Barga 17/7/2001

"…brilliant performance of the Woodstore Quintet (…) the individual maturity and the collective understanding of the quintet are the most important characteristics revealed during the concert…"
Unione Sarda – S.Teodoro 15/7/2001

"…a solid quintet which express great musicality in to a project led with clearness…"
Nuova Sardegna – Cagliari 2/2/2000




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